How much a web app really costs to build

Nov 24th, 2015
Web applications fall into only a handful of categories. These categories determine cost & depth. Hopefully this simple breakdown helps those people out there searching for what they need.

Starting up | 1-3k

For those that wish to increase their online portfolio or automate an existing process, I suggest looking into this bracket.

  • Beautiful landing pages with interactive area
  • Automation of tasks with forms

Growing | 3k-15k

  • Basic MVP's & apps
  • Interactive sites to automate sales
  • eCommerce sites with < $1M revenue

Established | 16k+

  • Complex full encompassing MVP
  • Automate company wide process

Though a certain level of quality is assumed.

I've seen quotes from 10k to 100k for the same web application. Web consulting companies can charge more because they bring a team to work on your project.

However, sometimes you don't need a team, hiring a qualified developer can save money & headache.