the Fit Ferret project
Fit Ferret is a web application capable of making insights into a trainers schedule. Using advanced data mining techniques the software is able to grab all kinds of useful information. It was my opportunity to design & build a calendar, interfaces and interactions for the real time data mining to have a more useful experience.

Above is the "slide in" notifications for both trainers & clients. These help both client & trainer notice and remind about health updates, birthdays, and a huge assortment of other useful metrics & KPI's. Having worked with a lot of the algorithms, I can personally say there is some very interesting stuff going on in the background.
This is a snippet of the trainer's view for when the georgeous (and fictional) Stacy Heart schedules a personal training session. You can also see the calendar which acts & updates in real time within milliseconds.

This was a great project to be a part of, so if you're curious what Fit Ferret is up to now a days, here is their site.
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