Fit Ferret

Fit Ferret is a robust, modern platform for online personal trainers. It’s main goal is to simplify and enhance both in person and online personal trainer’s job. With over 500+ HD fitness graphics and a scalable backend it is the ultimate platform for any online personal trainer.

Fit Ferret may have not been the first software for online personal trainer to use, but oh boy is it the best. It’s extremely modern in user interface from it’s landing page to it’s dashboard create an easy to use and automated approach to training hundreds of people almost simultaneously.

After signup, each trainer is greeted with a business wide sync’d calendar. 

Where they can manage appointments, there is also a clients tab to manage as many clients as that trainer could handle.

Each client has the ability to login to their own personalized dashboard, where they can communicate with their personal trainer or even measure progress made on personal goals.

As a trainer, the platform was made to increase the revenue by offering online training sessions as well as in person. So there is a library of custom items, shared files, meal plan, etc. that each trainer can build and share.

The all time coolest part is the workout builder though. Over 500 HD graphics to export an easy to use pdf or interactive workout for each client.

Drag and drop, mobile responsive and quick to save, load and assign. The workout builder is super useful and makes copying or altering workouts for multiple clients a breeze.

This was one of the most unique custom website development projects I have done to date. Lots of moving parts and an admin panel to help run business. If you’d like to checkout what fit ferret is up to now a days — you can view their site.