Lodger Software

Lodger Software is a modern software as a service targeting high end bed and breakfast establishments. The project required a full stack build using MEAN to achieve a real-time booking system sync’s among multiple locations.

When I heard what Robert & Rachel wanted, I was honestly surprised they came to me. It’s a huge project which most digital solution firms may have struggled with. However, they heard somewhere that outpacing consulting firms is what I do & we started later that week.

Lodger Software encompassed a real-time system for booking rooms in multiple bnb’s. It’s dashboard and easy management was absolutely crucial for easy of use.

Custom color codes that show the type of booking with drag & drop support for easy rescheduling helped a sometimes insanely busy booking season work efficiently. Combined with a landing page that is geared to get bnb owners to try it out — this was a complete success.

The Lodger Software platform took full advantage of reports and analytics for the lodging industry; With a full fledged reporting system (as you can imaging when running a business getting and sifting through user feedback can make you or break you)