Open Source Project – d.r.o.p.

d.r.o.p. is an open source platform to manage students initially created for the disability resource department of Radford University. However, it’s easily expandable & customizable to fit any department of similar function.

From day one working with the disability resource office team I was absolutely impressed with the passionate outlook every single member carried. I mean, there just isn’t a place I’ve visited that had more pride in the work they do; Not yet at least. However, as impressive as the team was — their software did not share the same attitude. The longer I worked with all the quality people, the more I realized that their hard work had to be smart work too. Queue the Open Source platform known as d.r.o.p. (Disability Resource Online Platform)

It was my job to make a system that not only could handle the fast paced day to day of an office that does so much. From handling a make-shift staff of note takers to scheduling, and much, much, much more for an entire university. I had to create a system that could handle an entire department & transfer, convert old data into it. Everyone agreed that the right thing to do is to expend the effort once & open source the project so that other universities or departments could save the time.

As a quick preview, I made the menus easy & modular with built in analytics to make the website able to grow. Easy user had an authenticated and permission based set of responsibilities. Those responsibilities were then translated into forms like a “Student Intake” form. Essentially, this was a platform to share documents and forms among any one who needed it, but enforced strict ¬†authentication.

A little bit of a zoom in,  makes this a bit more clear.

All in all, the open source drop project was a total success and is free & under the MIT license on GitHub if you’re interested. It’s a bit older now, but may still serve as a good start.